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Claiming choices

The Medicare claiming channel your practice chooses can make a big difference to productivity, cash-flow and patient service. The Department of Human Services understands that practices have different needs, which is why we’re offering more ways to make Medicare claims. This information will help you compare the different Medicare claiming options available, and to work out which is the right one for you and your patients.

Note: allied health professionals, dentists and dental specialists are able to submit claims electronically using either Medicare Easyclaim or Medicare Online.

For more information:

How different channels compare

Help your patients claim on the spot at your practice

If you already use Medicare Online, it's easy to 'switch on' patient claiming. To find out more, contact your software vendor or call 1800 700 199 to talk to one of our Business Development Officers. Practices using Medicare Online for patient claiming don't have to ask their patients for their bank account details. Patients can register their bank details with us instead and still claim their benefit on the spot at your practice. Medicare Online lets you submit patient claims even if you don't have the patient’s bank account details. Simply select 'cheque' as the payment method and we will take care of the rest.

Electronic patient claiming

Instead of completing a form, practice staff can send patient claim information directly to us through a secure internet connection using Medicare Online. Benefits are paid directly into the patient's nominated cheque or savings account usually the next working day. If the claim information is sent using Medicare Easyclaim, patient benefits are paid directly into the patient's nominated cheque or savings account almost immediately.

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Last updated: 17 April, 2014