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August 2013

The Department of Human Services Compliance Program for 2013-15 has been released.

What is new in PIP

Update to the Indigenous Health Incentive (IHI) Guidelines – February 2014

The IHI now requires all patients with diabetes to have an annual retinal examination. Read the updated IHI Guidelines [PDF, 258Kb]PDF reader required for more information

Change to how you view your PIP Teaching Payment claims history – January 2014

You can now access detailed listings of your practice’s teaching sessions through Health Professional Online Services (HPOS) in the Incentive Summary screen. This information can be used to reconcile against your practice records. You can view all teaching claims for your practice, submit a new claim and withdraw any claims waiting for payment.

Previously practices received a letter with details of the teaching sessions provided under the Teaching Payment. From 1 May 2014 we will no longer send these letters, as this information is now available through HPOS. You will continue to receive payment advices each quarter with the total amount paid for the Teaching Payment.

To register for HPOS, you must have a Medicare Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Individual Certificate linked to the practice. A PKI certificate ensures information submitted through our online service is secure. If the practice does not have a PKI Individual Certificate, the practice owner or authorised contact can apply for one and register for HPOS by filling in the registration form.

Changes to the PIP Teaching Payment claim form – January 2014

We have updated the Practice Incentives Program Teaching Payment claim [PDF, 196Kb]PDF reader required form. Practices can now claim teaching sessions using this form.

Changes have been made to the ‘Certification by university’ section of the form. Universities will need to complete questions 1 to 8, prior to endorsing it with the university stamp.

Eligible practices received their first payment under the new eligibility requirements in May 2013.

For more information email pip@humanservices.gov.auEmail, or call the PIP enquiry line on 1800 222 032 (call charges apply from mobile phones) Monday to Friday, between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm, Australian Central Standard Time.

Changes to the PIP eHealth Incentive eligibility requirements - May 2013

On 1 February 2013, the PIP eHealth Incentive eligibility requirements changed. Four new requirements were introduced, with a fifth requirement introduced on 1 May 2013.

To keep receiving payments, your practice must reapply for the incentive.

Eligible practices received their first payment under the new eligibility requirements in May 2013.

To help you meet the new eligibility requirements, implementation overview documents for each requirement and frequently asked questions are on the National E-Health Transition Authority’sExternal link website.

The PIP eHealth Incentive guidelines have been sent to all PIP approved practices, but you can also get a copy on our forms and guidelines page.

The Australian Government announced these changes in the 2012–13 Federal Budget.

For general enquiries about the PIP, eHealth Incentive payments or how to apply, email pip@humanservices.gov.auEmail, or contact the PIP enquiry line on 1800 222 032 (call charges apply from mobile phones) between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm Australian Central Standard Time. If you have a specific enquiry, refer to the Helpdesk Contact ListExternal link.

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Last updated: 16 April, 2014