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July 2014

Improvements will be made to the way some PBS medicines are processed under the Highly Specialised Drugs Programme from 1 July 2015.

The Department of Human Services contacts for health professionals

Important message - read first

Customers with additional needs

All TTY enquiries (Telephone Type Writer)

1800 810 586 for information about payments and services (free call)
1800 000 567 to provide comment, complaints or compliments (free call)

Translating/Interpreting Service

Phone: 131 450 (local call rate)
Email: info@humanservices.gov.auEmail

Medicare provider enquiries

Phone: 132 150 (local call rate)

When calling the provider enquiry line the following options are available:

  • Option 1 – Medicare card enquiries
  • Option 2 – claiming, payment and general enquiries, or if you have received a letter from the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency
  • Option 3 – MBS item interpretation
  • Option 4 – for assistance completing Centrelink medical certificates
  • Option 5 – child dental benefit schedule enquiries
  • Option 6 – electronic claiming or Health Professional Online Services (HPOS)

GPO Box 9822
in your capital city

Email: medicare.prov@humanservices.gov.auEmail

PBS general enquiries

Phone: 132 290 (local call rate)

Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme
GPO Box 9826
in your capital city

Email: pbs@humanservices.gov.auEmail

PBS Authority approvals

Authority prescription approvals.
Phone: 1800 888 333 - 24 hours 7 days (free call)

Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme
GPO Box 9857
in your capital city

Email: pbs@humanservices.gov.auEmail

Complex Drug enquiry line

Phone: 1800 700 270 (free call)

Australian Childhood Immunisation Register

Phone: 1800 653 809 (free call)

Fax: 08 9254 4810

Australian Childhood Immunisation Register
GPO Box M933
Perth WA 6843

Email: acir@humanservices.gov.auEmail

Australian Childhood Immunisation Register internet help desk

Phone: 1300 650 039 (local call rate)

Email: acir@humanservices.gov.auEmail

Stationery ordering

Phone: 1800 067 307 (free call)

Fax: 02 6199 3288

Optometrist's date of service check

Phone: 1300 652 752 (local call rate)

Incentive Programs

Phone: 1800 222 032 (free call)
9.00 am - 5.30 pm Eastern time
8.30 am - 5.00 pm Central time
7.00 am - 3.30 pm Western time

Fax: 08 8274 9352

Practice Incentives Program
GPO Box 2572
Adelaide SA 5001

Email: pip@humanservices.gov.auEmail

Telehealth Incentive Program

Phone: 1800 222 032 (free call)

Fax: 1300 587 696

Email: telehealth@humanservices.gov.auEmail

General Practice Immunisation Incentives (GPII) scheme

Phone: 1800 246 101 (free call)

Fax: 03 6281 0555

General Practice Immunisation Incentives
GPO Box 295
Hobart Tasmania 7001

Program Review

Fax: 02 6124 6006

The Manager
Program Review
Department of Human Services
PO Box 1001
Tuggeranong ACT 2901

Email: professional.review@humanservices.gov.auEmail

eBusiness Service Centre

Phone: 1800 700 199 (free call)

Statistics on Medicare's programs

Statistical Reporting contact details.

Goods and services tax

Phone: 1800 653 629 (free call)

Fax: 1800 069 288 (free fax)

GST Program
Department of Human Services
GPO Box 2956

Email: gst.enquiries@humanservices.gov.auEmail

External communication


Send us your comments, questions or suggestions.

Email: editor.forum@humanservices.gov.auEmail

Bulletin Board

Send us your comments, questions or suggestions.

Email: editor.bulletinboard@humanservices.gov.auEmail

Aged Care eNews

Send your comments, questions or suggestions.

Email: editor.agedcareenews@humanservices.gov.auEmail

Communication Division
Department of Human Services
PO Box 1001
Tuggeranong DC ACT 2901

Email: info@humanservices.gov.auEmail

How to report suspected fraud

Phone: 131 524 (local call rate)
(Monday to Friday between 9.00 am - 5.00 pm local time)

Customer Compliance Branch
Business Integrity
Department of Human Services
PO Box 9822
Sydney NSW 2001

Fax: 1300 657 239

How to give customer service feedback

The Department of Human Services welcomes and values customer feedback - it helps us improve our service and stay in touch with your needs. 

  • Form: fill out an online feedback form.
  • Phone us: on one of the above listed numbers and tell our customer service staff that you would like your feedback recorded on Medicare's feedback register.
  • Mail: (no stamp required)-post to:
    The National Service Charter Coordinator
    Customer Service Support
    Medicare Australia Reply Paid 9822
  • Email: customer.feedback@humanservices.gov.auEmail

Aged Care

For all Aged Care enquiries.

Phone: 1800 195 206 (free call)

Alternatively you can email your enquiry to the Department of Human Services Online Claiming HelpdeskEmail.

Education section

Email: medicare.education@humanservices.gov.auEmail

HECS Reimbursement Scheme

Phone: 1800 010 550 (free call)

Rural Procedural Grants Program (RPGP)

Phone: 1800 010 550 (free call)

Last updated: 5 August, 2014