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Aged Care

Payroll Tax Supplement changes

From 1 January 2015, the Payroll Tax Supplement applicable to residential aged care providers will no longer be paid.

From January 2015, reference to the Payroll Tax Supplement will be removed from the online claim form. It will be removed from the paper claim form from February 2015.

If you choose to complete your January 2015 claim using the paper claim form, you will notice reference to the supplement is still included on the cover page. The option to claim the Payroll Tax Supplement is not valid. You will not be able to claim the Payroll Tax Supplement (from the January 2015 claim month onwards) by completing this section.

You can visit the Department of Social Services website for more information about the cessation of the Payroll Tax SupplementExternal link.

Aged Care payments

The Department of Human Services administers $10.5 billion worth of aged care payments annually to approved providers across a range of residential, home care and flexible aged care programs.

The Department of Human Services is responsible for the processing and payment of:

  • residential aged care subsidies and associated supplements
  • residential respite care subsidies and associated supplements for short-term high-level and low-level residential care
  • Home Care Package subsidies to support people with health needs and their carers, and
  • transition care subsidies for short-term restorative care to recipients after care in hospital

Aged Care Online Claiming (ACOC) is a fast and secure solution that allows you to easily transmit forms online and claim directly with the Department of Human Services. For more information about online claiming, go to Aged Care Online Claiming.

Aged Care processing and enquiries

Send mail to:

Department of Human Services
Aged Care Payments
GPO Box 9923
Sydney NSW 2001

You can also scan documents and email to:

Call us on the Aged Care enquiries line:

FreecallTM 1800 195 206.

Last updated: 22 December, 2014