Practice Incentives Programs (PIP) and
General Practice Immunisation Incentive (GPII) Online user guide

Adding accreditation details


Go to the PIP and GPII Online page by selecting PIP and GPII in the HPOS Main Menu.

step 1


Select Update in the Current PIP and GPII Practices table to add accreditation details to a practice.


Select Practice Details then Eligibility from the left hand navigation.

step 3


To add accreditation details, enter mandatory fields in the Add accreditation details section:

  • Location
  • Accreditation Type
  • Accreditation Body
  • Accreditation Number
  • Start Date
  • End Date

When all information has been entered select Add Details.

Note: A copy of the accreditation certificate must be forwarded be fax, mail or email to Medicare Australia.

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