Practice Incentives Programs (PIP) and
General Practice Immunisation Incentive (GPII) Online user guide

Completing and submitting an incentive application (Indigenous Health Incentive)


On the Application Summary screen select View or Edit for the Indigenous Health Incentive.


On the Indigenous Health Incentive screen, select answers to determine the eligibility of the practice for the incentive and select View Application Summary to continue.

step 2

Note: Selecting Next will load the next logical Incentive screen (eHealth Incentive).


On the Application Summary screen, select Submit Application to complete and submit the Indigenous Health Incentive application.

Note: You will not be able to submit the Indigenous Health Incentive application until Practice Details screen, Payment Details screen, Additional Locations screen, Practice Ownership Details screen, GP Details Summary screen and Individual GP Details screens have been completed.


On the Application Submitted screen, you can view a confirmation of successful submission when the application has been submitted successfully.

You can view, print or save a PDF or RTF of the successfully submitted application.

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